GatorNBS takes on Hollywood, CA

Hi everyone, What a week it has been here in Los Angeles, California representing UF’s wonderful College of Journalism and Communications. I’ve learned so many new skills and have met many great people. If you’d like a quick recap of what we did this week, I briefly blogged about it on my wordpress website. Now, on … Continue reading

UF NBS ChomPics Guest Post – Episode 1 Head Writer Rene Ciarmataro!

So now that the production for episodes 1 and 2 of “Off University” has wrapped and episode 3 production is rapidly approaching, Rene Ciarmataro, the co-head writer of the first episode, is looking back on her experience! In our next guess post for the blog, check out what Rene has to say:  As a freshman … Continue reading

ChomPics Guest Post – Episode 1 Director of Cinematography Lizette Arocha

A couple days ago we heard from Kate Wenzel, the director of ChomPics Production’s first episode for the 2013-2014 season. Now check out what Lizette Arocha, the director of cinematography for episode 1, has to say about her experience! : On September 15, I received an email that said “UF National Broadcasting Society TV Production … Continue reading

ChomPics Guest Post – Episode 1 Director Kate Wenzel

We asked a couple of the students working on ChomPics to write up a post for our blog detailing their personal experience with the project. Check out what the director for the first episode, Kate Wenzel, has to say! :  Randomly stumbling upon a MyCJC newsletter in my inbox was one of the best mishaps … Continue reading