Hi all! We will be discussing networking and internships. We will have a recap of the meeting on the website. If you can make it out it is tomorrow (9/26) from 5-9pm at Sweet Dreams Gainesville. It is also a fundraiser so if you order a rootbeer float, two scoops and a topping, or three scoops NBS gets proceeds. Thanks and see ya there!


Networking and Internship How to:


Get a leg up on your competition by standing out: This can be done by creating a profile (ideal for networking), business cards, and sending thank you notes after interviews/meeting someone at a networking function.


Manage Social media related to your field of study (i.e Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram).


Create a blog related to your field of study. Use it to demonstrate your interest and passion. It should be good enough to put on a resume. Don’t have a blog? Try creating one on or


Update your resume– Be sure to include Education information, related-experience, organization involvement (like NBS!), Jobs, and skills (like Final Cut Pro or even social media!).













Master the Cover Letter-Put your contact info at the top. Then address it to the appropriate internship/job boss. Next hook em with a line that relates you to the company. Then you need to address your purpose and what you can do for the company. Remember it is your first impression.


*Research jobs and internships by browsing company websites related to you. Check out the UFCJC website, and


Get some references- Reach out to advisors, professors, or mentors. They can call in or email a reference.


Network-Meet classmates, professionals, and professors and network with them. You never know who could help you land a job down the road. Linkedin is a great starting point. Add fellow NBS members to your page and even join groups like UF, or the National Broadcasting Society Linkedin Group. Build on the first meeting by establishing a relationship (this could be emailing, meeting for coffee, etc…)


Good Luck!


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