Welcome Back Meeting Review…

Hello NBS-ers!

We were excited to see all of you tonight and thanks for coming out! This meeting was jam-packed with info so if you couldn’t make it, here’s a little rundown of what you missed.

*Follow us on Facebook (UF National Broadcasting Society) and Twitter (@GatorNBS)

*National Convention is March 20-24 in Washington D.C.

– Sweetheart special end February 14th for $375.00

– Hotel reservations at Crystal City Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. by February 14th

– Email Courtney Allen for more information (castar@ufl.edu)

* Relay for Life is March 22 at UF’s Flavet Field

– We need fundraising and decorations committees, so please email Casey Liening to sign up. We need your help! (cliening12@ufl.edu)

– Register for our team, GatorNBS, now! We need to start fundraising ASAP. Also, check the website out for more information on Relay and what it’s all about.

* We filled out our Network and Affiliates papers to try to pair people up. It’s our version of big/littles. If you didn’t sign up and want to, email Katie Gillen by Friday 1/25 (kgillen1@ufl.edu)

* Bring $15 to the Learning with Les Rose event 1/29 at 7:00pm in the 21st Century News Lab CMIR for your “Keep Calm and Telecom On” tank. They will be awesome!

See you all soon! Go Gators!


—Dr. Coffey helping students with internships and career prep!–


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