Preparing for the News Test!

Last week, NBS hosted their News Test Prep. It was a huge success with almost 30 students in attendance at each workshop. Good luck to everyone taking the test this week. Remember these pointers when you’re in the test:

1.) RELAX! You’re going to do great. You’ve practiced and it will pay off!

2.) Remember to use an ACTIVE voice and CONVERSATIONAL tone.

3.) When thinking of your lead sentence— WHY would someone listening to this care??

4.) Pick a sound bite between :08 and :15

5.) Use contractions when they’re conversational.

6.) One thought per sentence! Don’t get too wordy. Make sure you can finish one sentence with one breath!

7.) Read your finished story OUT LOUD to yourself!!

You all will do GREAT! 🙂


Students practicing for the test!


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