Advisory Council Recap and Upcoming Election Meeting!


Some of the council members speaking at Rapid Fire

This year’s visit from the Telecommunications Advisory Council was a successful one, despite the timing of the week before UF’s Spring Break. Thanks to our wonderful council members for coming to speak with us! Also, thanks to the students who attended Rapid Fire, one-on-one appointments, and “Take A Member to Lunch.” It’s very wise of all of us to take full advantage of these great networking opportunities.

Next up for NBS is the March 13th election meeting at 7:00pm in CMIR (ground floor of Weimer). Join us for annual club elections. Officers will be in office from 2013-2014 school year. Be prepared to attend this meeting if you want to vote or run.

Positions are:
-Vice President
-Director of Communications
-Recording Secretary
-Community Service Chair
-Speakers Chair
-Socials Chair
-Education Chair
-Fundraising Chair

After elections we will be working on our relay for life booth. The overall Relay for Life theme is Games so our individual booth theme is 90s nickelodeon game shows! To join our team sign up here.

Tanks will also be handed out at this meeting!!


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