Talk sports with Ben

Your GatorNBS Secretary, Ben Bornstein, is spending his summer writing for an online sports website. I wanted to share what he has been up to!

“My name is Ben Bornstein and I like sports. I like watching sports, writing about sports, and playing sports (mostly basketball). I currently work for ESPN Radio 850 WRUF,, and NBC Sports Radio. I work in different capacities with each entity, but they all have one common denominator; sports. I am a rising senior and this summer is going to get very interesting! You can follow me on Twitter @THE_BOOMSTEIN if you want to see my daily rants and raves. I’m also reachable by email at”

Here are links to two articles he has written so far:

‘Awarding some of the “lesser-known” NBA awards’

‘The official NBS All-Hair Team for 2012-13: Players with the best ‘dos’

‘Karl Malone would choose LeBron James over Michael Jordan as teammate’

‘Gator v. Gator: UF sharpshooters face off in Finals’

Great job, Ben and Go Gators!

Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂

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