Stay in Gainesville with Connor Hachey…

So I’m Connor Hachey, the NBS Director of Communications for the upcoming school year, and this summer I’ve been hard at work getting stuff done here in Gainesville! Here’s what I’ve been up to! :

If I could liken my summer semester, up to this point, to anything in the world, it would be a whirlwind. Essentially, I’m exhausted. However I wouldn’t have planned it any other way. I’m not jet setting around the world like I’d prefer or living it up as an intern in NY/LA/Tokyo/London/Wherever.

Quite uninterestingly, I’m in Gainesville, taking classes (and experiencing an unfortunate sense of Déjà vu due to doing the same exact thing last summer…) while working at Shands, maintaining involvement within UF’s division of multimedia properties and interning at WCJB TV-20.

Although I’ve only made it halfway through Summer A, that daunting feeling of “biting off more than I can chew” has already settled in. My Summer A/C class schedule is atrocious: Anthropology of Religion (I needed a diversity credit…), Financial Accounting (for my minor and the absolute epitome of difficulty/bane of my existence), and Principles of Management (also for my minor and a breeze so far). I wish I had a good answer as to why I decided to take summer classes again, but unfortunately I don’t. Maybe I’m too far in debt anyway to care? I’d like to say that I’m planning on graduating early and leaving to pursue my dream job as a screenwriter in LA or trekking out to Morocco to work on a “Game of Thrones” script treatment for season 4, because I’m that important…but yeah, let’s just go with the debt thing.

Otherwise, I’ve had an incredible time working on various projects with, ESPN 850, WRUF, WUFT, and WCJB TV-20. At the beginning of the summer, I reached an important personal and professional milestone and produced, edited and aired an interview with a quasi-famous musician: Ben Taylor. He is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon (…basically rock and roll royalty) and the opportunity was presented to me through my involvement with I was nervous, as I’m sure Ben could tell during our phone conversation, because I hadn’t ever conversed with a “famous” person before (except for the time I had a run in with Selena Gomez while working at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando…but that’s another story.)  I put in a lot of work and it paid off; it’s a great piece of material that I can use in my portfolio and I got the personal satisfaction of being re-tweeted a couple of times by Ben (or whoever runs his social media accounts.)

In addition, I’m continuing to write album reviews for the Rock Blog and voice track for the online broadcast (check me out everyday from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM on if you want to hear some awesome hosting skills.)

Recently I’ve also started producing and running master controls for ESPN 850; I’ve produced for Larry Vettel, Steve Russell as well as the “Cheapseats” program and it has been a wonderful learning experience. Now, I’ve run programs for the 89.1 Radio Reading Service (which I’m continuing to do this summer) and not even that could have aided in preparation for ESPN. There was a huge learning curve with running that audio board because you have to monitor the show, send commercials out at the right time, take phone calls, prepare for Sports Updates, and the list goes on. The process is still a bit tricky, but I’m getting the hang of it. Therefore, come next Fall, I’m expecting to completely dominate so, I guess we’ll see how that goes…

In addition to producing for ESPN radio, I also was given the opportunity to produce WUFT morning news cut-ins for WRUF TV 6. So far it’s been a really enjoyable experience because I’m able to flex my Adobe Premier Pro skills and curate a news program with events that I personally find newsworthy (and that the news director approves.) I’m not on the Telecommunications – News track, I’m in production, so I’m really appreciative of the experience and satisfaction I’m gaining from putting together these cut-ins.  Producing for television and radio is completely different, despite the fact that the job titles are the same.

Also, I started my internship WCJB TV-20 a couple of weeks ago; it’s definitely one of the most educationally enriching experiences I’ve had/am having this summer. I’ve been shadowing the weekend producer of the 6:00 P.M and 11:00 P.M newscast and I’m able to see the complexities and differences of producing a half-hour long show as opposed to the two minute cut-ins I’ve been creating; it’s great to have this insight because it definitely helps in creating new perspectives on how a program comes together, aside from the actual “production” perspective I’m used to.

In regards to the production side of newscasts, I’m going to be Technical Directing for the Summer B WUFT First at 5 program as well! I’m currently in training because I’ve only had experience running Compix and Audio, but I was able to TD a couple of blocks for the show last week and everything seems to be going smoothly so far; Hopefully I can keep it up.

Conclusively, this summer has turned out to be one of the most frantic times of my college career, but how can I complain? I’m getting amazing experience in all aspects of the telecomm industry and inching closer to my ultimate goal. God only knows how I’m able to coordinate everything with work, but somehow I’m able to pull through. I think it’s important to work hard now while I’m in college and keep my hopes and dreams in focus. I don’t necessarily want to produce radio, or news, or interview celebrities, but any and all experience has a place on my resume. There aren’t a lot of opportunities around UF for screenwriting, so I’ve found that I have to make my own.

Also, my birthday is coming up on June 18th…coincidently the same day Kanye West is dropping his new album…I’d like to think he planned it that way.

The Fall semester is already coming up on the horizon and I’m looking forward to all the awesome stuff we have planned for NBS! Since Ben Bornstein plugged his twitter account in his post I feel I should too. It’s @ConnorHachey and I’m entertaining, I swear! Don’t let the low follower number fool you!

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