Interning with NBC 6 Miami

Hey everyone,

I hope all of you are having a great summer! Just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been doing this summer. I’m currently in my hometown of Miami interning at NBC 6 and staging many of our news shows full-time. I’ve been interning here since right out of high school and I absolutely love it! In my three summers here, I’ve interned in the research/ sales department, in producing entertainment segments and now I’m staging and in the control room.  The fact that I’ve interned at various departments here has definitely given me a more complete understanding of the news business. I think it’s so important for everyone (on camera and off) to understand every aspect because they really do play a role with each other.

I’m enjoying what I’m doing this summer because I get to work very closely with the anchors during the day. Not only do I pick up tips from them, but I’m learning the lighting process, reading producer rundowns and working the cameras.  For the most part I’m staging on my own during our news shows. It’s so great because I’ve really gotten a feel for how hectic it is behind the scenes and how many people are needed to put one program together. I’ve also realized how important each and every job is. The work of one person can really impact an entire show, even though viewers don’t really get to see that. Overall, I love it here just as I do every summer. I really look forward to coming in every morning because it’s just a great environment to be in. Everyone loves what they do and take it very seriously, but they also have a great attitude!

Aside from my internship I’m also taking two distance learning classes from UF to fulfill my summer requirements. It has been pretty crazy to balance these classes and my full-time internship but I’m managing it pretty well. I won’t lie- I’m extremely tired by the time I get home around 7:30 pm every day. That doesn’t leave much time for my assignments that are due by 11:59 pm most nights so I have to manage my time really well.

In two weeks I’ll be heading to New York City for a journalism conference and in less than a month, I’ll be flying out to Atlanta for another one. I’m definitely looking forward to these and excited for what else I’ll learn and people I’ll meet.

My internship this summer ends in just a few weeks and I’ll be heading back to Gainesville after all of it. I’m really excited to begin the fall semester and can’t wait to hear about what the rest of you have been doing!

– Amanda Di Lella (NBS Community Service Chair)



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