Gators take over WPTV

Hello GatorNBS-ers!

Boy, doesn’t it seem like this summer is flying by? I feel like I just finished my Spring semester exams! I hope you all are enjoying your time off no matter what you’re up to. I’d like to share what I’ve been up to this summer.

I began my summer break off quickly by flying into St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands the day after my last exam! I spent a nice, long week there with my boyfriend and his family. Once I arrived back to Florida I was busy with my younger brother’s high school graduation. He graduated as the valedictorian of our high school and I couldn’t be a more proud big sissy.

Right after that I began my internship with WPTV News Channel 5 in West Palm. The minute I walked through the doors I knew I was home! I’ve grown up watching WPTV my entire life and have idolized the anchors since I was little. It’s really been a dream to intern back home and my favorite station. I’ve been blogging briefly about my experience on my website.

You can check out my blog by clicking this link, but here’s quick excerpt of what I’ve been doing during my time here.

“My alarm clock went off at two o’clock in the morning that following Monday. I jumped out of bed easily because I was interning with Kait again in the weather center. I arrived at 4:00 AM. I wrote my own forecast, copied it into the iNews rundowns, created graphics, and helped put the show together for the morning. Once the AM shows were over, Kait set me up on the chromakey so I could practice. After a few minutes of me getting comfortable on camera, Kait sat down to me to give me some pointers. Her advice was so helpful! I walked away at the end of my shift feeling confident. I still can’t believe that I’m learning from my favorite weather crew.”

I’m also interning with two other CJC Gators, Stephanie Tinoco and Zak Dahlheimer. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that this is truly an amazing place to spend our summer. Want to share what you’re up to this summer? Email us at

Enjoy the rest of your summer and make sure to stay up to date on all things GatorNBS on our Twitter and Facebook! Go Gators.943449_4519682324204_1180217926_n

Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂


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