Kickin’ it with Alyssa

Hey fellow NBS-ers!

This summer, I’m back home in sunny, sandy Sarasota, but the beach is not where I’m kickin’ it (forewarning: I’m writing this late on a Sunday night and I’m replaying Kanye West’s new record, so forgive me if my brain gets weird.)

I’m currently interning for Cox Media Group in St. Pete, working with six different radio stations. In the month that I have been working there, I have experienced new things and learned various aspects of the radio industry and the promotions area. While many of my days are spent calling contest winners and doing other office duties, there are also those days where bands come into our in-office studio and perform. Sure, it’s part of the promotional aspect of the station, but all of the employees are invited to watch – and it’s seriously awesome. In less than a week, we had a boy band (Midnight Red) and an indie alt-rock group (The Dirty Heads) come in for acoustic performances – and it was all great. (Mixing boy bands and alt-rock is basically like watching my iPod come to life before my eyes, so I was so into it.)

Working on the promotions side has also allowed me to move from the cubicle to off-site events. So far, I’ve worked at a fishing competition for our hard rock station and tabled for a Ke$ha/Pitbull concert (the amount of glitter there was astounding – no, really.) Coming up, we are (supposedly) going to start doing contests for Justin Timberlake tickets that incorporate a cutout of JT himself. Trust me when I say I’m fully prepared to go all out for this one.

Surprisingly, a lot of the people in the office are either from Gainesville or know people in Gainesville to get in contact with for other communications opportunities. These have been some of the most interesting and helpful networking experiences I’ve ever had. Just the other day, I went to the program director’s office for our alt-rock station (who I had subsequently grown up listening to, because this was my go-to station, of course) and I discovered he, too, was a Gator. Color me (pleasantly) surprised! After accepting his offer to set up a time to talk all things programming, I was hit with that oh-so-cliché but oh-so-true realization: the Gator Nation is seriously (like, s e r i o u s l y) everywhere.

More than just gaining experience, though, I feel like I have continued to invigorate my love for music. Call me cliché (or at least tell me to quit waxing poetic – but gently, please, it’s late), I’m one of those people who is all about performance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the record I listen to on Spotify that will get me to the show, but I give major props to an artist that can either replicate that studio sound or make it sound even better.

Alongside my internship, I’m taking a summer class (Principles of Marketing, holla!), writing for College Magazine (where I’m covering all sorts of fun stuff, including my own trials and tribulations in The Intern Diaries – read on here!) and spending time with friends and family. I’m enjoying my time off and relaxing before warping into the hyperspeed that (I am predicting) is my junior year. But despite all of the loveliness that comes with being at home, I am looking forward to getting back to Gainesville and catching up with all of you!

I hope all of your summers are equally as awesome so far and, to follow suit, feel free to follow @HeyHolcomb (or @AlyssaOnTheAir for strictly music news) – I’m always open to sharing thoughts on all things entertainment and general nerdery.


-Alyssa Holcomb


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