First meeting SUCCESS!

Hello GatorNBS-ers,

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support GatorNBS. We had about 90 people in attendance, which was fantastic! The meeting was simple, but very informative. A lot of dates were spit out and I will rehash them all in this post for those of you who could not make the meeting tonight.


First off, a huge thanks to Renee Gork for being tonight’s guest speaker. She spoke on different opportunities for students and told us all how we can get involved in the CJC. Her office is on the third floor of Weimer Hall if you’d like to go chat. You can also email her at


We also went over exactly what GatorNBS is, how to join, and when we will meet this semester. Get out your planners and mark down these important dates:

•Sept 12 @ 6:30pm in Aha! Lab: HCA “How to Survive” Workshop
•Oct 2 Telecom Ad Council Preview (Big/Little applications)
•Oct 3-4 Nielsen visit
•Oct 9 Rapid Fire
•Oct 10-11 Telecom Ad Council 1 on 1’s
     •News Placement Test (Test Prep workshops are TBA)
•Oct 24 Learning with Les Seminar
•Oct 26 Breast Cancer Walk
•November TBA
•December TBA
There were also cookies, a photo booth, and sign up sheets for the national convention, the new production group, and the GatorNBS gmail. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, please email Thanks again for everyone who came out tonight! Can’t wait to see you next time 🙂 Don’t forget….. For all things GatorNBS:


Facebook page:

Facebook group: UF National Broadcasting Society

Twitter/Instagram: @gatorNBS


Lauren Rautenkranz

GatorNBS President


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