UF NBS 2nd General Body Meeting Summary

Hey Everyone!

We had a great turn out at the meeting on Wednesday night!

First, we held a preview of what you should expect when the Telecommunication Advisory Council visits next week from 10/9 – 10/11. Here’s the information from the powerpoint presentation:

What is the TAC? (check out the Facebook event here:


•Diverse group of career professionals who return to campus once a semester
•Advise and network with students
•Visit classrooms, answer questions, and offer one-on-one advising appointments
•Excellent resource

What events will be held?

Rapid Fire – Wednesday October, 9th @ 6:30 pm
•Panel of council members with audience
•Q&A Session
One-on-Ones – Thursday October 10th, Sign up!
•Time for specific questions
•Resume/Reel Critique – Show them something!
Take a Member to Lunch – Friday October 11th, Sign up!
•Group setting
•Time to get to know a council member better
Tip: *Dress to impress! Business casual professional is the way to go!*
What should you ask?

1. Can you tell me about being flexible and open to opportunities in a journalism career?

2. What pieces of advice would you give to seniors about starting their career?

3.  What was the best job you’ve had in journalism?

4. What can you tell me about some of the mistakes you’ve made in your career, and how they helped you?

5. What kind of research should I do about future companies that I am applying to work for? Does this include reading the quarterly business report or research articles?

6. What if I am not sure of the job I want to pursue, but I definitely want to be in this field? What kind of advice could you offer me?

7. I’m a freshman just starting out in the CJC. How can the Telecom Advisory Council help me? What should I do now to prepare a better future for myself?

8. What was your best experience in Weimer Hall being a telecom student?

Tip: *Bring your resume, business cards and projects you’ve worked on… Show them something!*

If you want to sign up, head over to the Telecommunication Advising office on the second floor of Weimer Hall!

Check out the members before the event! Click here to read their biographies:

Next, we talked about the upcoming Breast Cancer walk that NBS will be participating in!
(Check out the Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/723282884364287/ )
On Saturday, October 26th at 9:00 A.M, GatorNBS will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk in downtown Gainesville! Join our team on the Facebook link above!
GatorNBS is ordering T-Shirts for Fall. They’re sexy. They’re hip. They’re fashionable. You know you want one! We’re taking orders for $15.00 at our upcoming meetings and events, so make sure your name is on the list!
Last year Gator NBS started our Networks and Affiliates Big/Little program, and it proved to be a big hit! Are you a freshman or underclassman that wishes they had someone to guide them through the CJC? Are you a senior or upperclassman H.B.I.C that wishes they had some youngins’ to mentor? Then you need to sign up! We’ll be matching Bigs and Littles based on majors/interests/personalities and hopefully a great mentor/mentee relationship soon follows! Socials will be held throughout the year to make sure those big/little bonds are nice and tight!
Sign up here:
The application will close on Wednesday after the TAC Rapid Fire!
Also, an email detailing information about the upcoming NBS Convention in LA will go out this weekend!
Lastly, we went over the UF NBS Schedule for October:
•Oct 2 @ 8pm: News Placement Test workshop, Weimer 2056
•Oct 4 @ 3pm: News Placement Test workshop, Weimer 2066
•Oct 4 @ 7:30pm: Production group meeting, Aha! Lab
•Oct 3/4: Nielsen events
•Oct 9 @ 6:30pm: Rapid Fire (Location TBA)
•Pizza and drinks from 6:30 to 6:55pm
•Rapid Fire begins at 7:00pm
•Oct 10: Telecom Advisory Council one-on-one appointments
•Oct 11: Telecom Advisory Council take a member to lunch
•Oct 18: DEADLINE FOR $UPER $AVER for NBS Convention (March   11-16) … Last chance for $180 convention fee
•Oct 24 @ 7pm: “Learning with Les” Seminar, 21st Century News Lab
•Oct 26 @ 9am: Making Strides of Gainesville, Breast Cancer Walk, Downtown Gainesville

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