UF NBS Presents…ChomPics!

Hello everyone! 
Thank you SO much for coming out to our meeting last night. It definitely shows that those of you who came are dedicated to this project! Those of you who couldn’t make it and let me know beforehand, it is not a problem. This email should cover everything we went over and tell you when you should be meeting next. 
If you did not make it to the meeting and did not get into contact with me about it, expect an email or Facebook message soon.
Okay, so the first thing I made you guys do last night was break apart into your specific teams. The purpose of this was so you could all become a little more familiar with who you’ll be working with and set up a time when you could all meet with me, Beth, and Melissa next week. 
Here are the following meeting times, per team. This is not going to be a weekly meeting time for the rest of the project, this is just a one time thing. On Monday, I will be going to the Dean’s Office to book rooms, so I will get into contact with you guys when locations are set. If you did not make it out last night, please, please, please make it to the meeting that your team set. It is VERY important that you be there, as we will be assigning episodes and talking about upcoming events for your team.
  • On-Screen Talent:           Monday @ 8:00 PM
  • Editing:                          Tuesday @ 10:00 PM
  • Art Direction:                  Wednesday @ 6:00 PM
  • Writing:                          Wednesday @ 9:00 PM
  • Directors:                       Wednesday after Rapid Fire 
  • Technical Services:         Friday @ 3:00 PM
  • Marketing/Fundraising:    TBD (there’s a conflict with the time that was set, so I’ll email you guys and see what else we can do. I didn’t catch it last night) 

* The EP’s are going to be going back and forth between Writing and Directing, so the meetings will not conflict. 

Next, we went over how the actual teams will operate, per episode. 
  • On-Screen Talent: 
    • Directors and Writers will hold auditions when we have scripts. You guys will also be acting in the commercial production project I described last night (info about that is described at the bottom of this email). In addition, through my involvement with the Theatre Strike Force improv group on campus, I’m going to try and set up some improv game nights for you guys (which are so much fun!!!) and some acting workshops so you’re not just sitting idle until we start production. Also, some of you guys mentioned that you wanted to get involved with some of the other teams, and that is a definite possibility. We’ll be discussing all of that at your meeting on Monday. 
  • Editing: 
    • There will be one Chief Editor per episode, and two assistant editors. The Chief Editor will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks to the Assistant Editors. 
  • Art Direction:
    • The entire art direction team will work on every episode, unlike the Editing team, Directing team, and Technical Services team. However, leadership (the Art Director position) will rotate per episode. 
  • Writing
    • Each episode will have one (or possibly two) head writers, who will write the script and come to the writing meetings for it to be workshopped. Everyone should get the opportunity to be a head writer if you’re on the team. The head writer will also be responsible for the final, edited script and sending it into the executive producers, so we can send it out to those who need it to complete their tasks.  
  • Directing:
    • There will be one Director per episode, and two Assistant Directors. The Director will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks to the Assistant Directors. 
  • Technical Services:
    • There will be one Director of Cinematography (camera operator) per episode and two production assistant. The DoC will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks (audio, lighting, etc.) to the production assistants. 
  • Marketing/Fundraising:
    • There is one Chief Marketing and Fundraising Director for the entire project who is responsible for delegating tasks to the Marketing and Fundraising team. 
After that, we discussed how meetings will be held from here on out. It is very unlikely that meetings involving the entire production team will be held again (until our wrap party!). Meetings will be on an episode by episode basis with those involved, and be team specific. The frequency of meetings will be discussed when we see you guys individually next week. 
When we start production on the episodes, the EP’s will be meeting with the team leadership at director’s meetings, and then team leaders will meet with their teams. We feel that this will be the easiest and best way for communication to flow. If this doesn’t work, it will definitely change, but that’s the plan for now.
Also, we came up with a “Commercial Production” idea for those who were placed on a specific team, but wanted to experience the role of being on a different one on a smaller scale. We are planning on having our episodes be 22 minutes long, and placing advertisement and commercials in the extra 8 minutes. If you would like to be involved in acting in or writing/editing/shooting/producing a commercial send me and email or Facebook message, and after I see how many people want to be involved with this, I’ll set it up! 
After a long voting process, we finally have a name for our production team……..ChomPics!!! 
If you guys have any questions, concerns, or thoughts feel free to contact us through this email address, Facebook, or however you want to get in contact with us! I’ll also be sending out emails specific to teams soon, so look out for that!
Connor Hachey
UF NBS Director of Communications
ChomPics Executive Producer

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