NBS National Convention Information

Hey Everyone! 
Like we’ve discussed at our meetings, the upcoming 2014 NBS National Convention and Competition is going to be held in Los Angeles, California from March 11th to the 16th! Registration is now open.  
We’ve heard back from a lot of students, saying that they were interested in going or they have already registered. If you have already registered to attend the convention, please respond back to this email with a screenshot of your confirmation email or any other form of proof of payment so we can have a head count. If you register in the future, please do so as well. We are working on getting financial assistance from some student government organizations, but currently nothing is set in stone. 
Here is an information link about the convention: 
The payments that you will need to consider for this trip include the following: 
  1. Registration
  2. Flight
  3. Accommodations (Burbank Airport Marriott – the location of the convention)
  4. Miscellaneous (food/entertainment/touristy things)
1. Registration: 
Here’s the link for registration pricing information: 
If you are a national member, you can select the cheapest “super saver” option which is $180.00. In order to qualify for this price point, you must either be a national member, or obtain a membership by November 1st 2013 and pay for registration by October 18th 2013 (tomorrow). If you wish to still register but cannot pay the cheapest “super saver” price by tomorrow, the price will rise by $50.00 until 12/31/2013. If you miss that deadline, the price will rise again and be due by a different date, etc. 
Here is the link to become a member. The price is $50.00
We also have the option of obtaining a block membership. This means we can purchase a “block” of 20 members for half price. Since the usual price for membership is $50.00, the price an individual would pay is reduced to $25.00. If you wish to be apart of the 20 member block, please email back and let us know by Wednesday October 30th. 
Becoming an official student member not only allows you to receive discounts on registration prices, but you also can submit your work into the national competition. Here is a link detailing the different categories:
Here is a link to a FAQ about the competition: 
2. Flights:
The executive board is working on finding the cheapest flights available. We are considering flying out as a group, so we’ll send more information out about this as the date approaches. Obviously, the flight coordination might not work out with everyone’s schedules, but it would be awesome if we could all arrive together. (Gator Pride!! Go Gators!!!….had to say that at least once in this email…) 
3. Accommodations: 
We will be staying in the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel, which is the location of the convention. If you plan on attending the convention, you must make reservations by February 14th 2013. There is more information about hotel accommodations in the link noting general information about the convention at the top of this email. 
4. Miscellaneous
Bring some cash mon-ay to spend in LA! Or a debit/credit card. Whatever you want to use. You’re going to need to eat, so appropriate some funds for food and entertainment expenses. Hopefully we’ll be able to attend some show tapings and wouldn’t it be cool to get a souvenir T-Shirt or something? Maybe if you’re into that. 
So if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email and get into contact with us! We’ll be happy to answer them!
Connor Hachey
UF NBS Director of Communications

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