TAC Rapid Fire Recap

What a wonderful showing we had for tonight’s Telecommunications Advisory Council Rapid Fire. This event kicked off the TAC’s visit to the CJC quite well. Thank you to everyone who came (50+ members), and don’t forget about those one-on-one appointments tomorrow AND “Take a Member to Lunch” on Friday. Here are some highlights of the Rapid Fire meeting from social media:










Make sure to stay up to date with everyone NBS! We have a lot going on this October and you don’t want to miss out on any of the excitement!

**T-Shirt money is due this Friday, October 11th. Email Melissa Marerro at melissammarrero@ufl.edu to coordinate a time to give her the $15. It’s highly encouraged that those of you attending the March national convention buy one, so we can be represented well with our GatorNBS logo in L.A.!**

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email gatornbs@gmail.com


Lauren Rautenkranz

NBS President

UF NBS Presents…ChomPics!

Hello everyone! 
Thank you SO much for coming out to our meeting last night. It definitely shows that those of you who came are dedicated to this project! Those of you who couldn’t make it and let me know beforehand, it is not a problem. This email should cover everything we went over and tell you when you should be meeting next. 
If you did not make it to the meeting and did not get into contact with me about it, expect an email or Facebook message soon.
Okay, so the first thing I made you guys do last night was break apart into your specific teams. The purpose of this was so you could all become a little more familiar with who you’ll be working with and set up a time when you could all meet with me, Beth, and Melissa next week. 
Here are the following meeting times, per team. This is not going to be a weekly meeting time for the rest of the project, this is just a one time thing. On Monday, I will be going to the Dean’s Office to book rooms, so I will get into contact with you guys when locations are set. If you did not make it out last night, please, please, please make it to the meeting that your team set. It is VERY important that you be there, as we will be assigning episodes and talking about upcoming events for your team.
  • On-Screen Talent:           Monday @ 8:00 PM
  • Editing:                          Tuesday @ 10:00 PM
  • Art Direction:                  Wednesday @ 6:00 PM
  • Writing:                          Wednesday @ 9:00 PM
  • Directors:                       Wednesday after Rapid Fire 
  • Technical Services:         Friday @ 3:00 PM
  • Marketing/Fundraising:    TBD (there’s a conflict with the time that was set, so I’ll email you guys and see what else we can do. I didn’t catch it last night) 

* The EP’s are going to be going back and forth between Writing and Directing, so the meetings will not conflict. 

Next, we went over how the actual teams will operate, per episode. 
  • On-Screen Talent: 
    • Directors and Writers will hold auditions when we have scripts. You guys will also be acting in the commercial production project I described last night (info about that is described at the bottom of this email). In addition, through my involvement with the Theatre Strike Force improv group on campus, I’m going to try and set up some improv game nights for you guys (which are so much fun!!!) and some acting workshops so you’re not just sitting idle until we start production. Also, some of you guys mentioned that you wanted to get involved with some of the other teams, and that is a definite possibility. We’ll be discussing all of that at your meeting on Monday. 
  • Editing: 
    • There will be one Chief Editor per episode, and two assistant editors. The Chief Editor will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks to the Assistant Editors. 
  • Art Direction:
    • The entire art direction team will work on every episode, unlike the Editing team, Directing team, and Technical Services team. However, leadership (the Art Director position) will rotate per episode. 
  • Writing
    • Each episode will have one (or possibly two) head writers, who will write the script and come to the writing meetings for it to be workshopped. Everyone should get the opportunity to be a head writer if you’re on the team. The head writer will also be responsible for the final, edited script and sending it into the executive producers, so we can send it out to those who need it to complete their tasks.  
  • Directing:
    • There will be one Director per episode, and two Assistant Directors. The Director will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks to the Assistant Directors. 
  • Technical Services:
    • There will be one Director of Cinematography (camera operator) per episode and two production assistant. The DoC will be responsible for the final product and delegating tasks (audio, lighting, etc.) to the production assistants. 
  • Marketing/Fundraising:
    • There is one Chief Marketing and Fundraising Director for the entire project who is responsible for delegating tasks to the Marketing and Fundraising team. 
After that, we discussed how meetings will be held from here on out. It is very unlikely that meetings involving the entire production team will be held again (until our wrap party!). Meetings will be on an episode by episode basis with those involved, and be team specific. The frequency of meetings will be discussed when we see you guys individually next week. 
When we start production on the episodes, the EP’s will be meeting with the team leadership at director’s meetings, and then team leaders will meet with their teams. We feel that this will be the easiest and best way for communication to flow. If this doesn’t work, it will definitely change, but that’s the plan for now.
Also, we came up with a “Commercial Production” idea for those who were placed on a specific team, but wanted to experience the role of being on a different one on a smaller scale. We are planning on having our episodes be 22 minutes long, and placing advertisement and commercials in the extra 8 minutes. If you would like to be involved in acting in or writing/editing/shooting/producing a commercial send me and email or Facebook message, and after I see how many people want to be involved with this, I’ll set it up! 
After a long voting process, we finally have a name for our production team……..ChomPics!!! 
If you guys have any questions, concerns, or thoughts feel free to contact us through this email address, Facebook, or however you want to get in contact with us! I’ll also be sending out emails specific to teams soon, so look out for that!
Connor Hachey
UF NBS Director of Communications
ChomPics Executive Producer

UF NBS 2nd General Body Meeting Summary

Hey Everyone!

We had a great turn out at the meeting on Wednesday night!

First, we held a preview of what you should expect when the Telecommunication Advisory Council visits next week from 10/9 – 10/11. Here’s the information from the powerpoint presentation:

What is the TAC? (check out the Facebook event here:


•Diverse group of career professionals who return to campus once a semester
•Advise and network with students
•Visit classrooms, answer questions, and offer one-on-one advising appointments
•Excellent resource

What events will be held?

Rapid Fire – Wednesday October, 9th @ 6:30 pm
•Panel of council members with audience
•Q&A Session
One-on-Ones – Thursday October 10th, Sign up!
•Time for specific questions
•Resume/Reel Critique – Show them something!
Take a Member to Lunch – Friday October 11th, Sign up!
•Group setting
•Time to get to know a council member better
Tip: *Dress to impress! Business casual professional is the way to go!*
What should you ask?

1. Can you tell me about being flexible and open to opportunities in a journalism career?

2. What pieces of advice would you give to seniors about starting their career?

3.  What was the best job you’ve had in journalism?

4. What can you tell me about some of the mistakes you’ve made in your career, and how they helped you?

5. What kind of research should I do about future companies that I am applying to work for? Does this include reading the quarterly business report or research articles?

6. What if I am not sure of the job I want to pursue, but I definitely want to be in this field? What kind of advice could you offer me?

7. I’m a freshman just starting out in the CJC. How can the Telecom Advisory Council help me? What should I do now to prepare a better future for myself?

8. What was your best experience in Weimer Hall being a telecom student?

Tip: *Bring your resume, business cards and projects you’ve worked on… Show them something!*

If you want to sign up, head over to the Telecommunication Advising office on the second floor of Weimer Hall!

Check out the members before the event! Click here to read their biographies:

Next, we talked about the upcoming Breast Cancer walk that NBS will be participating in!
(Check out the Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/723282884364287/ )
On Saturday, October 26th at 9:00 A.M, GatorNBS will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk in downtown Gainesville! Join our team on the Facebook link above!
GatorNBS is ordering T-Shirts for Fall. They’re sexy. They’re hip. They’re fashionable. You know you want one! We’re taking orders for $15.00 at our upcoming meetings and events, so make sure your name is on the list!
Last year Gator NBS started our Networks and Affiliates Big/Little program, and it proved to be a big hit! Are you a freshman or underclassman that wishes they had someone to guide them through the CJC? Are you a senior or upperclassman H.B.I.C that wishes they had some youngins’ to mentor? Then you need to sign up! We’ll be matching Bigs and Littles based on majors/interests/personalities and hopefully a great mentor/mentee relationship soon follows! Socials will be held throughout the year to make sure those big/little bonds are nice and tight!
Sign up here:
The application will close on Wednesday after the TAC Rapid Fire!
Also, an email detailing information about the upcoming NBS Convention in LA will go out this weekend!
Lastly, we went over the UF NBS Schedule for October:
•Oct 2 @ 8pm: News Placement Test workshop, Weimer 2056
•Oct 4 @ 3pm: News Placement Test workshop, Weimer 2066
•Oct 4 @ 7:30pm: Production group meeting, Aha! Lab
•Oct 3/4: Nielsen events
•Oct 9 @ 6:30pm: Rapid Fire (Location TBA)
•Pizza and drinks from 6:30 to 6:55pm
•Rapid Fire begins at 7:00pm
•Oct 10: Telecom Advisory Council one-on-one appointments
•Oct 11: Telecom Advisory Council take a member to lunch
•Oct 18: DEADLINE FOR $UPER $AVER for NBS Convention (March   11-16) … Last chance for $180 convention fee
•Oct 24 @ 7pm: “Learning with Les” Seminar, 21st Century News Lab
•Oct 26 @ 9am: Making Strides of Gainesville, Breast Cancer Walk, Downtown Gainesville

UF NBS TV Production Project Meeting Summary + Application

The UF NBS TV Production Project information meeting was a huge success! We counted and 77+ people came tonight. Wow. We’re so happy that so many people want to be involved and that we have this opportunity to foster this experience for the UF CJC (and for all those people from outside the college that came!)

If you happened to miss the meeting, here’s a quick recap of all the information we went over:

Project Goals:

▪   Produce a 5 installment video series with video production equipment provided by the College of Journalism.

▪   Post on the NBS YouTube Page

▪   Present in the Reitz Union Theater or around campus

▪   Submit to the 2013 or 2014 NBS National Competition

▪   Anticipated Schedule:
- Write and work on Pre-Production during Fall
- Start production towards the end of Fall/beginning of  Spring
- Have everything finished by the end of Spring

▪   We will first shoot a shorter pilot to work out any problems that may arise.


▪   This project is definitely something that we are taking very seriously. Please only apply if your willing to make a commitment to this production team. Not only are you letting everyone else down if you apply, get a spot, and not fulfill the duties you were assigned, but you’re letting yourself down. This project is meant to be educational, experimental, and an all around good time. You will get out of it what you put in, and we are anticipating great things.

▪    Since this is the first time we are doing anything like this, there are bound to be a couple bumps along the road. This is going to be a learning experience for everyone involved. We want this to be very collaborative and have everyone grow together as screenwriters, cinematographers, directors, production staff, etc.

Positions open for application:

When filling out the online application, take into consideration the team you want to apply for.  A description of each team and their respective leadership roles was shown in a powerpoint at the meeting tonight, so I’ll just include all the descriptions below in this summary.

Here are the teams:

Writing Team

▪   Composed of 8 to 12 members

▪   Each episode will have a different Head Writer(s) appointed from the team.

▪   Responsibilities:

  • Content creation and script writing
  • Working with Director, Art Direction team, and Editors to make sure the final product is representative of what is written.
  •  Script printing
  • Meeting Deadlines (TBD)
  • If applying to be on the writing team, you have the option to send in a sample of your work to gatornbs@gmail.com. It’s not required, but it is preferred. Please put your name in the subject line. It can be anything that you feel displays your ability as a writer. It is fine if you don’t know proper script writing format, because that can be easily taught.

Art Direction Team

▪   Member amount TBD

▪   Each episode will have a different Art Director responsible for the final product who is appointed from the team.

▪   Responsibilities:

  •  Props, costuming, set or location preparation.
  •  Working with the writing team and Director to facilitate artistic vision of the script.
  •  Communicate with Marketing/Fundraising team about budget.

Technical Services Team

▪   Member amount TBD

▪   Operate Camera, audio, and any other production equipment.

▪   Each episode will have a different Director of Cinematography appointed from the team.

▪   Must have taken RTV3200, TV1, or higher level production class and passed with a sufficient grade.

▪   Responsibilities:

  • Video production
  • Adhering to the schedule
  • Meeting deadlines (TBD)
  • Working with the Director, Writing Team, and Art Direction Team

On-Screen Talent

▪   Auditions will not be held until we have a script ready

▪   Responsibilities:

  •  Adequately portray the characters as written in the script.
  •  Attend rehearsals.
  • Know the script before you come to filming.
  • More info to come.

Marketing/Fundraising Team

▪   One Director of Marketing and Fundraising will be appointed for the duration of the entire project.

▪   Team will be responsible for:

  • Fundraising projects in the Fall and marketing the series in the Spring when we are ready to screen.
  • Operate social media accounts that are to be created
  • Organizing wrap party at the end of spring
  •  Designing shirts

Editing Team

▪   Team amount TBD.

▪   One Chief Editor will be appointed for each episode from the editing team and will be responsible for the final edited product of each episode.

▪   Experience with Adobe PP CS6 or Final Cut is preferred.

▪   Team will be responsible for communication with Director and Writer to make sure that the artistic vision is correctly displayed through the editing.

Directing Team

▪   There will be one Director (possibly 2) for each episode.

▪   A team of Production assistants will also be formed to assist the Director during filming and scout locations.

▪   Any experience is preferred as this is probably one of, if not the most, important production position.

▪   Responsibilities:

  • Casting
  • Scheduling rehearsals
  • Managing production on the day(s) of filming.
  • Meeting deadlines (TBD)
  • Communicating with Writing Team, Editors, and Art Directors.
  •  Make a production schedule with Executive Producers.


When filling out the application, please keep in mind that some positions, like Director and Art Director, are confined to a limited number of spots. If you want to be involved, we will definitely find a spot for you on a team, but due to the competitiveness of some positions, you might be placed in an apprenticeship type role or placed in a general team position.

On the application, please answer each question as detailed as possible so we can get a good feel for your personality and skill set. It will only help you in the long run when we end up assigning roles and teams. If you want to learn a specific thing or try out a specific idea, or have ideas for the program in general, please tell us in the extra information question. If you want to hold multiple roles, such as one in Fall and one in Spring, please notate that in your answers as well. We are going to try our best to work with people and place them where they want to be.

The application is going to close on Sunday, September 22 at 12:00 PM Noon.



First meeting SUCCESS!

Hello GatorNBS-ers,

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support GatorNBS. We had about 90 people in attendance, which was fantastic! The meeting was simple, but very informative. A lot of dates were spit out and I will rehash them all in this post for those of you who could not make the meeting tonight.


First off, a huge thanks to Renee Gork for being tonight’s guest speaker. She spoke on different opportunities for students and told us all how we can get involved in the CJC. Her office is on the third floor of Weimer Hall if you’d like to go chat. You can also email her at rgork@jou.ufl.edu


We also went over exactly what GatorNBS is, how to join, and when we will meet this semester. Get out your planners and mark down these important dates:

•Sept 12 @ 6:30pm in Aha! Lab: HCA “How to Survive” Workshop
•Oct 2 Telecom Ad Council Preview (Big/Little applications)
•Oct 3-4 Nielsen visit
•Oct 9 Rapid Fire
•Oct 10-11 Telecom Ad Council 1 on 1’s
     •News Placement Test (Test Prep workshops are TBA)
•Oct 24 Learning with Les Seminar
•Oct 26 Breast Cancer Walk
•November TBA
•December TBA
There were also cookies, a photo booth, and sign up sheets for the national convention, the new production group, and the GatorNBS gmail. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, please email gatornbs@gmail.com. Thanks again for everyone who came out tonight! Can’t wait to see you next time 🙂 Don’t forget….. For all things GatorNBS:

Email: gatorNBS@gmail.com

Facebook page: Facebook.com/gatornbs

Facebook group: UF National Broadcasting Society

Twitter/Instagram: @gatorNBS


Lauren Rautenkranz

GatorNBS President

Advisory Council Recap and Upcoming Election Meeting!


Some of the council members speaking at Rapid Fire

This year’s visit from the Telecommunications Advisory Council was a successful one, despite the timing of the week before UF’s Spring Break. Thanks to our wonderful council members for coming to speak with us! Also, thanks to the students who attended Rapid Fire, one-on-one appointments, and “Take A Member to Lunch.” It’s very wise of all of us to take full advantage of these great networking opportunities.

Next up for NBS is the March 13th election meeting at 7:00pm in CMIR (ground floor of Weimer). Join us for annual club elections. Officers will be in office from 2013-2014 school year. Be prepared to attend this meeting if you want to vote or run.

Positions are:
-Vice President
-Director of Communications
-Recording Secretary
-Community Service Chair
-Speakers Chair
-Socials Chair
-Education Chair
-Fundraising Chair

After elections we will be working on our relay for life booth. The overall Relay for Life theme is Games so our individual booth theme is 90s nickelodeon game shows! To join our team sign up here.

Tanks will also be handed out at this meeting!!