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Hi Gators!

With the first week of the semester already in the books, we (the GatorNBS executive board) are excited to announce a rundown of what we have in store for our members for the next few months. We hope you’re excited about GatorNBS and if you have any suggestions, we want to hear them! This is all about YOU, the members. Here’s a look at what we’ve got coming your way:

  • Jan. 20 @ 8PM in Library West: Pre-Convention Meeting (for those members who are going to the March convention, or who are still considering)
  • Jan. 21 @ 6:30PM in Reitz Ballroom: MLK Event, Keynote speaker T.J. Holmes (join the event here)
  • Jan. 30 @ 7PM in Aha! Lab and adjoining conference rooms: “Get Your Act Together with GatorNBS” (resume building, career development, internship/job search help)
  • Feb. 11 @ 7PM in Weimer G030: “Learning with Les” (Les Rose is visiting again!)
  • March 26-28 @ TBA: Telecommunications Advisory Council visit
  • March 28: Relay for Life (more info to come)
  • April 19 @ TBA: ChomPics Marathon

We will also be hosting former SNL cameraman, Jan Kasoff again, but the date is still up in the air. We will have other events to add to this calendar, including socials and general body meetings. Until then, we hope this can get you excited about the semester and what’s to come with GatorNBS.

Have a great weekend!


NBS Competition Submissions — ACT NOW!

If you all don’t already know, the national chapter of NBS hosts an annual student competition. This is a GREAT opportunity to get your work noticed, boost your resume, and earn national awards. Deadlines are quickly approaching, so act now and submit a piece of your original work!

This Friday, November 22 is the deadline with the cheapest submission fee. For NBS members, the cost is $20. For non-members, the cost is $45. The price bumps up afterwards and the official deadline is Friday, December 6. Don’t wait until the last minute!

All rules and regulations are posted on their website. There are also many different categories student work can be eligible for. Check out the long list of categories and decide which one fits best for you! You can enter multiple pieces of work if you choose to do so. NBS also answers a list of frequently asked questions regarding the competition.

Finally, once you’ve decided what you would like to submit. You can follow the submission process on the national website, pay online, and you’ll receive an email confirmation. Cross your fingers and hope for the best once you’ve finished!

Don’t forget about the national convention coming up in March of 2014 in Los Angeles, California. It’s going to be a blast!!


NBS National Convention Information

Hey Everyone! 
Like we’ve discussed at our meetings, the upcoming 2014 NBS National Convention and Competition is going to be held in Los Angeles, California from March 11th to the 16th! Registration is now open.  
We’ve heard back from a lot of students, saying that they were interested in going or they have already registered. If you have already registered to attend the convention, please respond back to this email with a screenshot of your confirmation email or any other form of proof of payment so we can have a head count. If you register in the future, please do so as well. We are working on getting financial assistance from some student government organizations, but currently nothing is set in stone. 
Here is an information link about the convention: 
The payments that you will need to consider for this trip include the following: 
  1. Registration
  2. Flight
  3. Accommodations (Burbank Airport Marriott – the location of the convention)
  4. Miscellaneous (food/entertainment/touristy things)
1. Registration: 
Here’s the link for registration pricing information: 
If you are a national member, you can select the cheapest “super saver” option which is $180.00. In order to qualify for this price point, you must either be a national member, or obtain a membership by November 1st 2013 and pay for registration by October 18th 2013 (tomorrow). If you wish to still register but cannot pay the cheapest “super saver” price by tomorrow, the price will rise by $50.00 until 12/31/2013. If you miss that deadline, the price will rise again and be due by a different date, etc. 
Here is the link to become a member. The price is $50.00
We also have the option of obtaining a block membership. This means we can purchase a “block” of 20 members for half price. Since the usual price for membership is $50.00, the price an individual would pay is reduced to $25.00. If you wish to be apart of the 20 member block, please email back and let us know by Wednesday October 30th. 
Becoming an official student member not only allows you to receive discounts on registration prices, but you also can submit your work into the national competition. Here is a link detailing the different categories:
Here is a link to a FAQ about the competition: 
2. Flights:
The executive board is working on finding the cheapest flights available. We are considering flying out as a group, so we’ll send more information out about this as the date approaches. Obviously, the flight coordination might not work out with everyone’s schedules, but it would be awesome if we could all arrive together. (Gator Pride!! Go Gators!!!….had to say that at least once in this email…) 
3. Accommodations: 
We will be staying in the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel, which is the location of the convention. If you plan on attending the convention, you must make reservations by February 14th 2013. There is more information about hotel accommodations in the link noting general information about the convention at the top of this email. 
4. Miscellaneous
Bring some cash mon-ay to spend in LA! Or a debit/credit card. Whatever you want to use. You’re going to need to eat, so appropriate some funds for food and entertainment expenses. Hopefully we’ll be able to attend some show tapings and wouldn’t it be cool to get a souvenir T-Shirt or something? Maybe if you’re into that. 
So if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email and get into contact with us! We’ll be happy to answer them!
Connor Hachey
UF NBS Director of Communications

Gator NBS First General Body Meeting of Fall 2013

Hello Gator NBS’ers!

The time has finally come for the first Gator NBS general body meeting of the Fall 2013 semester! It is going to be held at Weimer Hall in the 21st Century News Lab this upcoming Wednesday (September 11th) at 7:00 P.M. Some things we are going to cover includes:
  • Upcoming inter-organization social events
  • Telecommunications Advisory Council:
    • An event hosted by UF’s National Broadcasting society, in which UF CJC alumni come to campus for a Q&A session about their careers and give the opportunity for 1 on 1 meetings with current UF CJC students (you guys!!!). Chances are some of our alumni are working or have worked in your desired career field, so this is definitely a great networking opportunity. More details to come.
  • National Broadcasting Society National Convention
    • This year the national convention is going to be held in Los Angeles, California! Check out some more information here: http://www.nbs-aerho.org/
  • Networks and Affiliates Big/Little program
  • and much more!

If you know anyone else that might be interested in getting involved with UF NBS, forward along the email and invite them to the meeting!

Get in touch with Gator NBS on social media too!
Connor Hachey
NBS Director of Communications

GatorNBS Facebook Page

Hello GatorNBS!

I have decided to create a public Facebook page to help get our name out there. This will be good for everyone who isn’t in the Facebook group to learn more about us! Then, hopefully they’ll decide to become part of our group. Please share and like the page. GatorNBS has big surprises in store for Fall semester. Hope you’re getting excited because I know I am!

Gator NBS – University of Florida National Broadcasting Society Facebook Page


Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂

UF NBS Constitution

University of Florida Chapter of NBS Constitution



The name of this organization shall be the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society.  The chapter may be informally identified as the Gator Chapter.


The purpose and objectives of the University of FloridaChapter of the National Broadcasting Society shall be to enhance the development of University of Florida students, faculty, and staff involved in electronic media (including web/internet technologies and new media), broadcasting, mass communication, radio, television, cable, film and/or electronic media by:

  1. Promoting excellence.
  2. Providing opportunities for ethical and responsible leadership.
  3. Providing exposure to the “electronic media” industries.
  4. Assisting in career preparation.
  5. Providing opportunities for and encouraging the development of members through advanced media education programs.
  6. Providing opportunities for and encouraging the participation of members in community service projects and activities.

As indicated through the purpose, the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society shall be of a not-for profit and non-commercial nature.


Upon approval by the Center for Student Activities and Involvement, the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society shall be a registered student organization at the University of Florida. The University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society shall comply with all local, state and federal laws, as well as all University of Florida regulations, policies, and procedures. Such compliance includes but is not limited to the University’s regulations related to Non-Discrimination, Hazing, Commercial Activity, and Student Leader Eligibility.


In compliance with the University of Florida Non-Discrimination Policy (Regulation 6C1-1.006), the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, and veteran status as protected under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act.


Membership in the organization is open to enrolled students at the University of Florida. Non-students, spouses, faculty, and staff may be associate members; however, they may not vote or hold office. All members and associate members are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution, retaliation, or harassment

The University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society will not charge dues for local chapter membership. The National Chapter sets forth dues not to exceed $40 per year.

SECTION 1 (INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP TYPES) There shall be four types of membership in the chapter. Membership is open to any qualified person regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or handicap. Qualifications are outlined as follows.

A. Student Membership shall be limited to currently enrolled University of Florida undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty, staff, and student spouses may be associate members but may not vote or hold office. An exception to this is the Advisor position whose voting process and duties are outlined in Article Four. Privileges of membership shall include the ability to purchase and display official insignia, vote for and hold Nationaland Local office, and shall include a subscription to NBS publications, National membership certificate and membership card, in addition to other privileges as may be established by the National Board.

B. Alumni/Professional Membership shall be granted to those individuals who demonstrated through their industry achievements or expressed interest, a clear willingness to participate in and actively promote the Society’s aims and projects. Privileges of membership shall be identical to those for National Student membership.

C. Alpha Epsilon Rho Membership, the honor society within the National Broadcasting Society, is open to members of NBS who are pursuing degrees in radio, television, mass communication, film, cable or other programs in electronic media and are nominated into membership based on scholastic excellence, merit and/or recognized creative achievement. Precise requirements and the nomination process will be established by the National Council.

D. Honorary Membership shall be granted on a local basis, by a majority vote of the chapter for service to the Chapter by an individual or organization. This membership carries no dues or other obligations on the part of the recipient.

SECTIONS 2 (PRIVILEGES AND OBLIGATIONS) Members of the University of FloridaChapter of the National Broadcasting Society have the following privileges and obligations.

A. The privileges of membership shall include the ability to purchase and display official insignia, participate in conventions, vote for and hold office, and such other privileges as may be established by the chapter.

B. All members are expected to remain in good standing by satisfying the obligations required of them including: submitting National dues on time and attending at least one-half (1/2) of scheduled meetings each term.

C. Failure to accomplish the above obligations will result in expulsion from the Chapter.

SECTION 3 (SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP): The Chapter may suspend the membership of any member by majority vote of the Executive Committee and with just cause. The party involved must be informed of this action and the reason(s) for it in writing.

SECTION 4 (DISASSOCIATION): All members and associate members shall be free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution or harassment.


SECTION 1 (DEFINITION OF GOVERNING BODY): The Chapter shall be governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the Chapter Advisor and the elected officers. Elected officers shall include the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Alumni and Professional Coordinator, Director of Communications, and Advisor.

SECTION 2 (QUALIFICATIONS): In order to become an officer, the individual must be a member in good standing at the time of election. The member must also maintain a 2.5 grade point average per University of Florida Regulations.

SECTION 3 (IMPEACHMENT): The Chapter may impeach any officer not fulfilling his/her duties by majority vote. The party involved must be informed of this action and the reason(s) for it in writing.

SECTION 4 (DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS): The duties of the officers of the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society include:

A. PRESIDENT: The President shall be presiding officer at all meetings. He/She shall have the power to appoint committees deemed advisable for carrying on the work of the Chapter. It shall be his/her responsibility to see that the officers and committees of the Chapter discharge their duties faithfully, impartially, promptly, and completely. He/She shall serve at the official representative of the Chapter whenever necessary.

B. VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the latter’s absence or in the event the President becomes unable to discharge his/her duties. This officer is responsible for arranging speakers at NBS meetings according to the agreed schedule.

C. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping all records of the Chapter. This officer must keep minutes of all general business and executive meetings, carry out correspondence and send monthly reports to the National offices. This officer is responsible for turning in required reports the National organization, including the annual report.

D. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs of the Chapter. He/She is responsible for keeping a log of all purchases and expenditures, and shall present a yearly audit in connection with the Chapter Annual Report. The Treasurer shall serve as chief financial officer for all activities of the Chapter. The office of Treasurer may be combined with the office of Secretary.

E. ALUMNI AND PROFESSIONAL COORDINATOR: This officer shall compile and maintain the mailing list of graduated members and maintain needed correspondence with these members. This officer must attempt to recruit all potential candidates for membership as alumni/professional members including alumni, former NBS members, media professionals, and educators. He/She is the liaison to the National Vice President for Alumni and Professional Services.

F. DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS: This officer is responsible for coordinating all public relations for the Chapter. He/She will produce all announcements concerning NBS activities and provide them to the university and campus community as well as to the Editor of Signals.

G. ADVISOR: The Advisor shall attend all meetings of the organization and shall serve as the official liaison to the Telecommunication Department, the Journalism and Communications College, the University, the State, and the National Office. When possible, the Chapter will pay any membership dues associated with the Advisor.


SECTION 1 (QUALIFICATIONS): In order to become an officer, the individual must be a member in good standing at the time of election. The member must also maintain a 2.5 grade point average per University of Florida Regulations.

SECTION 2 (VOTING/NOMINATION PROCESS): Each year at the last general meeting in March, the Chapter shall open the floor for nominations. Any member may nominate any other voting member, including himself or herself. At this meeting, the Chapter will elect the officers by secret ballot. Each member in good standing shall have one (1) vote. Officers will be elected by a simple majority vote. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held immediately. Term of office shall be for one (1) year (April – March).

SECTION 3 (SPECIAL ELECTIONS): If any office is vacated during the year, a special election will be held. The Chapter President, or if no President, the Chapter Advisor, shall have the power to appoint a member in good standing to fill the vacated office until the special election can be held.



SECTION 1 (DEFINITION OF ADVISOR): The faculty advisor shall serve as a resource person and provide advisory support for the officers and members of the organization. The faculty advisor should attend executive and general meetings; however, the faculty advisor may not vote in any University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society matters. The faculty advisor shall be nominated by the officers and confirmed by a majority vote of the members.

SECTION 2 (ELECTION OF ADVISOR): The Advisor will be appointed by the elected officers following the March elections meeting. The Advisor will remain in his/her position for their tenure at the University of Florida.

SECTION 3 (REPLACEMENT PROCESS): Should the Advisor retire or leave the position at any point, the President shall call an emergency officer meeting and the elected officers will appoint a new Advisor at that time. Should the Advisor be remiss in his/her duties, the officers can impeach the Advisor by a 2/3 vote at an officer meeting.



The University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society will not require membership dues; however, it will raise funds through carwashes and similar activities, for t-shirts, travel to leadership conferences and the purchase of books on leadership. Members are expected to participate in these fundraising activities. The Chapter will also apply for Student Government funding.

For purposes of Internal Revenue Service definition, the local chapter is an entity of the University of Florida. The local chapter will not be included as part of the national organization’s Form 990 tax return and the local chapter is not eligible to use the organization’s tax ID number for local activities and operations.


SECTION 1 (DEFINITION AND CREATION): In order to carry on the work and activities of the Chapter, the President may create committees and appoint a committee head and committee members. Each committee shall contain a committee head. Where appropriate, committees will automatically disband once the goal of the committee has been accomplished. Members of standing committees shall be appointed immediately after the election of officers in March.

SECTION 2 (FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE): The Chapter requires operating funds. A committee shall be appointed to develop and coordinate fundraising projects.




SECTION 1 (MEMBERSHIP): There shall be no active members of this organization who are not currently enrolled University of Florida students, members of the faculty or staff, or their spouses. Non-voting members of the chapter will be NBS members who are graduates of the program and/or area professionals with national memberships.

SECTION 2 (FINANCES): All money received, for whatever purpose, will be deposited in the Chapter’s bank account. All disbursements will be made by the Chapter Treasurer, President and/or Advisor.

SECTION 3 (OFFICER ELIGIBILITY): Officers of the organization shall hold and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 for undergraduate students or 3.0 for graduate students, not be on disciplinary or academic probation, and shall be full-time students of the University of Florida.

SECTION 4 (AUTHORITY OF THE UNIVERSITY): The University of FloridaChapter of the National Broadcasting Society will adhere to the Student Guide as set forth by the University of Florida. No rules may be enacted that are in conflict with the rules of the University. Nothing in these by-laws shall in any way limit the final authority of the University.


SECTION 1 (QUORUM): One-half (1/2) of the members in good standing in the Chapter shall constitute a quorum for a business meeting. No official business may be conducted without a quorum present. The Executive Committee may hold a session only if more than three-quarters (3/4) of the Committee is present.

SECTION 2 (AMENDING THE BY-LAWS): The by-laws are the basic framework of the Chapter and can only be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of voting members present, provided a quorum is present. Proposed amendments must be published or otherwise made known to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to voting. No rules may be enacted that are in conflict with the rules of the National organization.

SECTION 3 (PARLIAMENTARY RULE): All meetings and business of the Chapter shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order – Newly Revised or most current edition. The President may appoint an individual to act as parliamentarian for this purpose.






This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the University of Florida Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment was given at the previous meeting and that the proposed amendment shall be subject to approval of the Center for Student Activities and Involvement.

_________________               _______________                      _____________________

Chapter President                   Date Chapter                                        Advisor Date











The Chapter requires guest speakers to come to meetings and events. A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to coordinate professional presentations. This committee shall be overseen by the Vice President.


The Chapter requires an Initiation ceremony, end of year banquet, and attending National Convention. A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to plan these events.


The Chapter requires a constant flow of information regarding internships and scholarships. A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to keep the chapter up-to-date with this information.


A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to organize and plan events to serve the community.


A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to help members stay on top of classes and exams. This committee will organize study groups and provide resources for finding students tutors.


The Chapter requires steady flow of incoming members. A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to help get the work out about the University of FloridaChapter of National Broadcasting Society and recruit new members. This committee will be overseen by the Director of Communications.


The Chapter needs to remain in contact with all alumni and its respective national boards. A committee shall be appointed by the executive board to work as a liaison between the University of Florida Chapter and the National directors of the National Broadcasting Society.

_________________        _______________             _____________________________

Chapter President                 Date Chapter                                        Advisor Date