Welcome back!

Hi Gators!

With the first week of the semester already in the books, we (the GatorNBS executive board) are excited to announce a rundown of what we have in store for our members for the next few months. We hope you’re excited about GatorNBS and if you have any suggestions, we want to hear them! This is all about YOU, the members. Here’s a look at what we’ve got coming your way:

  • Jan. 20 @ 8PM in Library West: Pre-Convention Meeting (for those members who are going to the March convention, or who are still considering)
  • Jan. 21 @ 6:30PM in Reitz Ballroom: MLK Event, Keynote speaker T.J. Holmes (join the event here)
  • Jan. 30 @ 7PM in Aha! Lab and adjoining conference rooms: “Get Your Act Together with GatorNBS” (resume building, career development, internship/job search help)
  • Feb. 11 @ 7PM in Weimer G030: “Learning with Les” (Les Rose is visiting again!)
  • March 26-28 @ TBA: Telecommunications Advisory Council visit
  • March 28: Relay for Life (more info to come)
  • April 19 @ TBA: ChomPics Marathon

We will also be hosting former SNL cameraman, Jan Kasoff again, but the date is still up in the air. We will have other events to add to this calendar, including socials and general body meetings. Until then, we hope this can get you excited about the semester and what’s to come with GatorNBS.

Have a great weekend!


First meeting SUCCESS!

Hello GatorNBS-ers,

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support GatorNBS. We had about 90 people in attendance, which was fantastic! The meeting was simple, but very informative. A lot of dates were spit out and I will rehash them all in this post for those of you who could not make the meeting tonight.


First off, a huge thanks to Renee Gork for being tonight’s guest speaker. She spoke on different opportunities for students and told us all how we can get involved in the CJC. Her office is on the third floor of Weimer Hall if you’d like to go chat. You can also email her at rgork@jou.ufl.edu


We also went over exactly what GatorNBS is, how to join, and when we will meet this semester. Get out your planners and mark down these important dates:

•Sept 12 @ 6:30pm in Aha! Lab: HCA “How to Survive” Workshop
•Oct 2 Telecom Ad Council Preview (Big/Little applications)
•Oct 3-4 Nielsen visit
•Oct 9 Rapid Fire
•Oct 10-11 Telecom Ad Council 1 on 1’s
     •News Placement Test (Test Prep workshops are TBA)
•Oct 24 Learning with Les Seminar
•Oct 26 Breast Cancer Walk
•November TBA
•December TBA
There were also cookies, a photo booth, and sign up sheets for the national convention, the new production group, and the GatorNBS gmail. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, please email gatornbs@gmail.com. Thanks again for everyone who came out tonight! Can’t wait to see you next time 🙂 Don’t forget….. For all things GatorNBS:

Email: gatorNBS@gmail.com

Facebook page: Facebook.com/gatornbs

Facebook group: UF National Broadcasting Society

Twitter/Instagram: @gatorNBS


Lauren Rautenkranz

GatorNBS President

The Lineup: UF ESPN Interns

Hi GatorNBS!

Check out this great post on the ESPN website showcasing their summer interns. Two of them just so happen to be our very own Blair Milko and Ryan Lacher. Congrats to them!

THE LINEUP: Seven of ESPN’s Southeastern Conference interns




Hope you all are having a fantastic summer. Fall semester is right around the corner! 

Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂

Social Media Specialist, James

Hey Gator NBSers!! My name is James Torrez, an upcoming UF Sophomore, and here’s my summer story:

This summer I was extremely worried I’d be staying at home, doing practically nothing. I am now at home, in lovely West Palm Beach, Florida with a content mind. I had always felt an internship during my freshman year/before my sophomore year would be a great start to my career and keep me one step ahead in terms of experiences. Several applications and surveys were submitted, but I was very unlucky. I was hoping for an internship with WPLG in Ft. Lauderdale, but it unfortunately did not work out. Major bummer. Days into the month of June I felt very unproductive and began planning ways to enhance my resume for the upcoming semesters. All of a sudden, opportunities began to pour in.

I currently work part time at home and in Gainesville at Plato’s Closet, a retail franchise specializing in recycling gently used clothing and accessories. My home store in Boynton Beach, where I was recently promoted to a Shift Manager, had expressed their social media management was approaching a low, and they were not getting the reviews nor the time to make posts as often as they’d like.  My ideal future career would involve a life in radio production/management, which correlates strongly with social media management nowadays, so I hopped on this chance for basic experience. Talk about perfect timing.

I discussed with the owners my potential and qualifications. In one meeting, they named me their “Social Media Specialist”. I now manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and created a Twitter handle as an attempt to reach a wider audience, making promotional posts daily and receiving much better feedback from customers. The posts are photographs of trendy merchandise in front of a built set with black or white backdrops (Consider me a fashionist-o).

Many ideas came from “Social Media Journalism” a class taught by the dynamic duo of the CJC: Professors Mike Foley and Steve Johnson. Their tips on how to apply social media tools to firms and business have come in very handy for this position, so I’d like to make a shout out to the prominent pair.

Coming back to Gainesville in the fall, I look to have a possible internship with The Sky 97.3, a talk-radio station under Entercom market suggested by another notable CJC figure Jerry Butler (last shoutout!). I had received a call early June from Program Director Nick Allen, who is looking to create a team of production interns in the fall. This would be one of the first classes of interns from UF for Entercom since their merge last fall. I expect to meet with him soon…..hoping for the best….wish me luck, fellow Gators! I hope you are all enjoying your summers and are ready for a new upcoming year!!

Check out some of my examples from our Instagram page!

-James Torrez

Kickin’ it with Alyssa

Hey fellow NBS-ers!

This summer, I’m back home in sunny, sandy Sarasota, but the beach is not where I’m kickin’ it (forewarning: I’m writing this late on a Sunday night and I’m replaying Kanye West’s new record, so forgive me if my brain gets weird.)

I’m currently interning for Cox Media Group in St. Pete, working with six different radio stations. In the month that I have been working there, I have experienced new things and learned various aspects of the radio industry and the promotions area. While many of my days are spent calling contest winners and doing other office duties, there are also those days where bands come into our in-office studio and perform. Sure, it’s part of the promotional aspect of the station, but all of the employees are invited to watch – and it’s seriously awesome. In less than a week, we had a boy band (Midnight Red) and an indie alt-rock group (The Dirty Heads) come in for acoustic performances – and it was all great. (Mixing boy bands and alt-rock is basically like watching my iPod come to life before my eyes, so I was so into it.)

Working on the promotions side has also allowed me to move from the cubicle to off-site events. So far, I’ve worked at a fishing competition for our hard rock station and tabled for a Ke$ha/Pitbull concert (the amount of glitter there was astounding – no, really.) Coming up, we are (supposedly) going to start doing contests for Justin Timberlake tickets that incorporate a cutout of JT himself. Trust me when I say I’m fully prepared to go all out for this one.

Surprisingly, a lot of the people in the office are either from Gainesville or know people in Gainesville to get in contact with for other communications opportunities. These have been some of the most interesting and helpful networking experiences I’ve ever had. Just the other day, I went to the program director’s office for our alt-rock station (who I had subsequently grown up listening to, because this was my go-to station, of course) and I discovered he, too, was a Gator. Color me (pleasantly) surprised! After accepting his offer to set up a time to talk all things programming, I was hit with that oh-so-cliché but oh-so-true realization: the Gator Nation is seriously (like, s e r i o u s l y) everywhere.

More than just gaining experience, though, I feel like I have continued to invigorate my love for music. Call me cliché (or at least tell me to quit waxing poetic – but gently, please, it’s late), I’m one of those people who is all about performance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the record I listen to on Spotify that will get me to the show, but I give major props to an artist that can either replicate that studio sound or make it sound even better.

Alongside my internship, I’m taking a summer class (Principles of Marketing, holla!), writing for College Magazine (where I’m covering all sorts of fun stuff, including my own trials and tribulations in The Intern Diaries – read on here!) and spending time with friends and family. I’m enjoying my time off and relaxing before warping into the hyperspeed that (I am predicting) is my junior year. But despite all of the loveliness that comes with being at home, I am looking forward to getting back to Gainesville and catching up with all of you!

I hope all of your summers are equally as awesome so far and, to follow suit, feel free to follow @HeyHolcomb (or @AlyssaOnTheAir for strictly music news) – I’m always open to sharing thoughts on all things entertainment and general nerdery.


-Alyssa Holcomb

Interning with NBC 6 Miami

Hey everyone,

I hope all of you are having a great summer! Just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been doing this summer. I’m currently in my hometown of Miami interning at NBC 6 and staging many of our news shows full-time. I’ve been interning here since right out of high school and I absolutely love it! In my three summers here, I’ve interned in the research/ sales department, in producing entertainment segments and now I’m staging and in the control room.  The fact that I’ve interned at various departments here has definitely given me a more complete understanding of the news business. I think it’s so important for everyone (on camera and off) to understand every aspect because they really do play a role with each other.

I’m enjoying what I’m doing this summer because I get to work very closely with the anchors during the day. Not only do I pick up tips from them, but I’m learning the lighting process, reading producer rundowns and working the cameras.  For the most part I’m staging on my own during our news shows. It’s so great because I’ve really gotten a feel for how hectic it is behind the scenes and how many people are needed to put one program together. I’ve also realized how important each and every job is. The work of one person can really impact an entire show, even though viewers don’t really get to see that. Overall, I love it here just as I do every summer. I really look forward to coming in every morning because it’s just a great environment to be in. Everyone loves what they do and take it very seriously, but they also have a great attitude!

Aside from my internship I’m also taking two distance learning classes from UF to fulfill my summer requirements. It has been pretty crazy to balance these classes and my full-time internship but I’m managing it pretty well. I won’t lie- I’m extremely tired by the time I get home around 7:30 pm every day. That doesn’t leave much time for my assignments that are due by 11:59 pm most nights so I have to manage my time really well.

In two weeks I’ll be heading to New York City for a journalism conference and in less than a month, I’ll be flying out to Atlanta for another one. I’m definitely looking forward to these and excited for what else I’ll learn and people I’ll meet.

My internship this summer ends in just a few weeks and I’ll be heading back to Gainesville after all of it. I’m really excited to begin the fall semester and can’t wait to hear about what the rest of you have been doing!

– Amanda Di Lella (NBS Community Service Chair)