Travel with Carla to Germany!

Summer is a great time for students to take classes, intern, relax, or even study abroad. Your GatorNBS Education Chair is traveling around Germany as we speak! Carla has a started a blog that I wanted to share with everyone.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog explaining:

     “This summer I will be going to Berlin, Germany for a 2 week documentary photojournalism trip with about 20 other students from the UF College of Journalism and Communications. I’ll be taking photographs, interviewing a particular subject in Berlin, and making a Soundslide project. I created this blog to record and share my adventure in Germany’s capital city.”


Follow Carla as she travels through Europe and if you’re doing something this summer that you’d like to share with GatorNBS, shoot an email to!

Happy traveling, Carla! Go Gators.

Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂