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Hello GatorNBS!

I have decided to create a public Facebook page to help get our name out there. This will be good for everyone who isn’t in the Facebook group to learn more about us! Then, hopefully they’ll decide to become part of our group. Please share and like the page. GatorNBS has big surprises in store for Fall semester. Hope you’re getting excited because I know I am!

Gator NBS – University of Florida National Broadcasting Society Facebook Page


Xoxo- Your GatorNBS President, Lauren 🙂

Social Media Specialist, James

Hey Gator NBSers!! My name is James Torrez, an upcoming UF Sophomore, and here’s my summer story:

This summer I was extremely worried I’d be staying at home, doing practically nothing. I am now at home, in lovely West Palm Beach, Florida with a content mind. I had always felt an internship during my freshman year/before my sophomore year would be a great start to my career and keep me one step ahead in terms of experiences. Several applications and surveys were submitted, but I was very unlucky. I was hoping for an internship with WPLG in Ft. Lauderdale, but it unfortunately did not work out. Major bummer. Days into the month of June I felt very unproductive and began planning ways to enhance my resume for the upcoming semesters. All of a sudden, opportunities began to pour in.

I currently work part time at home and in Gainesville at Plato’s Closet, a retail franchise specializing in recycling gently used clothing and accessories. My home store in Boynton Beach, where I was recently promoted to a Shift Manager, had expressed their social media management was approaching a low, and they were not getting the reviews nor the time to make posts as often as they’d like.  My ideal future career would involve a life in radio production/management, which correlates strongly with social media management nowadays, so I hopped on this chance for basic experience. Talk about perfect timing.

I discussed with the owners my potential and qualifications. In one meeting, they named me their “Social Media Specialist”. I now manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and created a Twitter handle as an attempt to reach a wider audience, making promotional posts daily and receiving much better feedback from customers. The posts are photographs of trendy merchandise in front of a built set with black or white backdrops (Consider me a fashionist-o).

Many ideas came from “Social Media Journalism” a class taught by the dynamic duo of the CJC: Professors Mike Foley and Steve Johnson. Their tips on how to apply social media tools to firms and business have come in very handy for this position, so I’d like to make a shout out to the prominent pair.

Coming back to Gainesville in the fall, I look to have a possible internship with The Sky 97.3, a talk-radio station under Entercom market suggested by another notable CJC figure Jerry Butler (last shoutout!). I had received a call early June from Program Director Nick Allen, who is looking to create a team of production interns in the fall. This would be one of the first classes of interns from UF for Entercom since their merge last fall. I expect to meet with him soon…..hoping for the best….wish me luck, fellow Gators! I hope you are all enjoying your summers and are ready for a new upcoming year!!

Check out some of my examples from our Instagram page!

-James Torrez

Feel the Love from NBS this February

There is a ton of upcoming events this month for the UF Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society.

2/13 7pm  J School Mixer in the Aha! Lab (3rd floor student lounge of Weimer Hall). Last chance to bring $15 for a ‘Keep Calm and Telecom on’ Tank. Dress business casual; refreshments will be provided; business cards encouraged.

2/19 6pm Williamson 100, NBS will host “Live from Weimer Hall… It’s Saturday Night Live!”  Saturday Night Live camerman, Jan Kasoff

2/21 and 2/22 NBS News Test Preps. Our first workshop will be February 21 from 6 to 7:p.m. in the Integrated News Facility. The second and final workshop will be on February 22 from 3 to 4p.m., also in the INF. Meet on the second floor of the INF with laptops handy

2/27-3/1 Telecommunications Advisory Council Visits. Rapid Fire will be held in Weimer 1064 at 6pm (dinner provided in the Weimer atrium) on 2/27. Take a member to lunch and one-on-ones will  be held 2/27-3/1. To learn more about the council check out:

Also we are fundraising for Relay for Life this month. Be sure to join our team:

Relay for Life will be 3/22