Telecommunications Advisory Council

The Telecommunications Advisory Council is a diverse group of career professionals who return to campus once a semester to advise and network with students. Council members visit classrooms, answer questions, and offer one-on-one advising appointments available upon request. Whether you’d like to network, ask questions about the industry, or present your resume/reel for review and critique, the council is an excellent resource. For more information on the council, here’s a list of the members.

Gator NBS highly encourages each students to sign up for at least one one-on-one session with a council member. These sessions are one of the best opportunities the council offers, so we hope you take advantage of them! You also don’t miss the Rapid Fire Q&A session. Rapid Fire is held in an auditorium for students to come and “fire away” questions for the members. This is usually a very insightful meeting where you can listen to other questions you may not have thought of. Finally, you can get to know council better by signing up for a “Take a Member to Lunch” session.

The key to our industry is networking and the Telecom Advisory Council is an excellent opportunity for you to do just that. More information will be given out each semester when the council visits.

Twitter: @UFTAC


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